Tig-Mig Welding wire for Titanium Grade 12

Grade 12 (Ti 0.8Ni0.3Mo) is an intermediate strength grade originally developed to provide enhanced crevice-corrosion resistance in high temperature brines, but at lower cost than Grade 7. The improved performance is believed to be the result of Ni++ and Mo++ ions that alter the surface electrochemistry of the material in the crevice or under a surface deposit. Grade 12 has better elevated temperature properties than Grade 2 or 3 and is sometimes specified for pressure vessels or piping for its superior strength alone. Go to product details.
The weldabillity of Titanium is excellent for most grades but extra care have to be taken for the gas protection on the weld pool, the weld pool needs to stay protected until it cooled down to at least 470ºC. Often Titanium is welded in a gas chamber with pure argon gas to make sure that the weld pool gets proper protection.

We stock all Titanium grades in Mig and Tig wires witch can be found in our database.